Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Job, New Degree Program..So Much To Tell!

Hello everyone! I've been gone for so long! I have so much to tell. In September of 2014, I accepted a job as an AmeriCorps Liaison within the college and career readiness department at the Fontana Unified School District. At the district, I provide support to the wonderful and talented AmeriCoprs CalPREP Fellows and their respective volunteer infrastructures. I do this by ensuring that all CalPrep volunteer infrastructures are in uniformity and alignment with the Fontana Unified District policies and procedures. It's been really exciting, simply for the fact that i get to manage a variety of projects, build business and community partnerships, support recruitment and fundraising efforts, oversee volunteer programs and I also get to implement the district's very first volunteer policy and procedures manual. Super cool right? In addition to my high paced, super cool job job, I am also enrolled in the Software Development Associate Degree program at the ITT Technical Institute in San Bernardino, CA. I'm an in my second quarter, in my second day and loving it! I will be learning how to create websites and programming which will come in handy in the near future for building mobile applications for gifted children. I am very excited to get back to blogging and sharing what I've been learning about software development/technology in respect to entertainment industry and of course with a psychological perspective in mind. See you soon!