Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy Yankee: Connecting To Fans While Marketing His Brand

Marketing his music through social networks, IPhone application and website have not only been successful strategies for Daddy Yankee but have also played to the advantage of his fans. Increasing numbers of followers on Twitter and Facebook accounts has made it possible for fans to connect with Daddy Yankee on many levels. As promised to fans, the reggaeton superstar, Daddy Yankee, will have a live stream fan chat on Wednesday March 23rd, 2011.

Sources say that this came about, after the star's Twitter account and Facebook page reached several milestones. Just twenty-four hours after Daddy Yankee's Facebook fan page reached over 6 million fans, on March 15, 2011, Daddy Yankee's Twitter account (@DYNATION) achieved more than one million followers.  Sources say that fans from all over the world made this happen simply by pressing the "follow me" button on his twitter page.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Christina Aguilera: is there an alcohol problem or are media sources exaggerating?

Media sources have been diligent in reporting and highlighting Christina's not so positive incidents within the past few months. Falling on stage, arguing with her mother while intoxicated, showing up drunk at an uninvited party, mixing and forgetting words and getting arrested, are some of the incidents that are causing many not only to raise an eyebrow but are also leading many to believe that the star is dealing with substance abuse. In addition to that, fans and others are now questioning whether or not the singer turned actress is capable of fulfilling her duties as a parent. Celebrities are also adding their two cents. Stars are not only exchanging words about Christina's incidents but some have also posted negative comments about the star on popular social networks. Are the incidents coincidental or is there enough evidence to suggest that the star is having issues with alcohol? Is the media simply fueling the fire by reporting on incidents that have involved alcohol use or that have been rumored to involve alcohol?

Sources claim that not only have friends come forward with concerns about her drinking but are also urging the star turned actress to enter a rehab program. Recently, it was learned that, ex-husband Jordan Bratman had raised concerns about the star's drinking during their child custody agreement. Is it not coincidental that the ex-husband came out to report her so-called drinking issues at the height of its speculation? If the star does have a drinking problem, should media sources and others have the right to make public conclusions about Christina's role as a parent?

Video of the star's
 arrest released
 by Associated Press.