Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Negotiation Process Part 2: Javier Cavazos Talks With Itzel Yagual About His Career, Business Relationships And Effective Negotiations

Previously in part 1 of the negotiation process, I gave you an inside look at Jenny Fly's career, her thoughts on negotiations and why they are vital in the entertainment industry. In conclusion, research supported that  building relationships, placing value to the party's needs and concerns and working toward a mutual benefit are the key factors to successful negotiations. But how do negotiations impact the medical field?

In part 2, of the negotiation process I sat down with CEO of RGV Foot care, Javier Cavazos to talk about his career and how negotiations play a role in the medical field. Javier is known not only for designing his own "foot and ankle procedure to alleviate chronic foot pain through cryogenic technology," but also for publishing "peer-reviewed articles on the topic." Javier says he is proud of his work and says, he "will soon lecture on his findings."  In addition to being the CEO of a multiple-faceted podiatric medical practice, he also is a venture capitalist, a real estate developer and a martial artist. When he is not wearing one of his professional caps, Javier is a dedicated father who enjoys spending time with his family. Javier  defines himself as "an ambitious, driven entrepreneur," and even though keeping a balance between the professional and personal life is his "ultimate challenge," he stays grounded with a little "self reflection and meditation." He enjoys his work because he gets to be his "own boss" and because he "dictates the terms of his success." Javier is making a lasting impression not only for his dedication to foot care but for his ability to manage several professions, his expertise and his ability to achieve whatever he puts his mind to.

Working in the medical field and in the business field has its benefits and its negatives. Javier says, that if you "work with your heart, take care of those you have entrusted with, and if your honest with yourself the financial rewards will take care of themselves." One of the perks is that he gets to be his "own boss" and deal with a variety of issues. Javier's biggest gripe is that he often pushes himself which is part of his personality, that is being a perfectionist. Having many hats, Javier deals with a variety of clients.  Javier addresses employment contracts, rental agreements, association agreements, independent contracts. 

In dealing with different contracts and clients, he assures that personal emotions or issues do not interfere with any negotiations. He focuses on presenting the benefits and always makes an attempt to sell an idea in reference to the needs of the other party. In any case, when dealing with difficult people, Javier says that knowing "what you want to achieve, what you are willing to sacrifice and compromise" will make the negotiation process more successful. Also, if the status of the other party and dirty tricks come into play, his suggestion is to "be prepared, have knowledge of the situation," use factual data to back up your statements and use "effective communication," to solve the issues regardless of who may have "the upper hand."  In some cases, one will have to choose what is left, specially if the other party is not "willing to budge" upon your best card. There will also be occasions where a party will be unsatisfied and that is inevitable. "You win some, you lose some," says Javier. In the end, one should remember that in negotiations and in all work environments, it is in the best interest of all parties to work toward a solution that satisfies all parties. To Javier "my benefit and what's acceptable to the other side is my goal" and that if the negotiation goes south, then only then is "mutual benefit is not a bad option." He urges that business owners should focus on developing relationships whether its online through social networks or on a face to face basis. "People need to be open minded and willing to communicate how an agreement between two parties is beneficial for all" he says, in reference to working relationships. "Communication is critical" and the more knowledge you have about a situation or what is involved in a negotiation, the more passion one will be able to display on a topic which will underline how much one cares and what one is willing to accommodate for the respective party.

Think the medical field is his last stop, well think again. Aside from his successes in the medical field, Javier has other goals gearing towards the entertainment industry. In the future, Javier sees himself having ownership to a professional sports team. He plans on accomplishing this dream by "incorporating all avenues of productivity, use social media to market his brand and by becoming more involved in sports business and in the entertainment industry." Javier is certainly making his mark in the medical and business sectors and he's sure to have a lot in store for us in the future. 

What are you willing to compromise and negotiate to achieve your heart's desires? Only you can decipher and determine the outcome of your fate, specially if you have prepared sufficiently. Negotiations are part of our every day lives. Successful negotiators must have patience, have knowledge of all issues, must be able to communicate effectively, must always address all parties concerns and work toward a mutual benefit regardless of the parties' positions that underlines the needs of all the parties involved.

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