Sunday, December 4, 2011

Use Innovation, Looks, Charisma or Do It Better Than The Key Players To Succeed In The Entertainment Industry!

What Do Celebrities Have That We Don't?
So what does it take to make it as a model, a musical artist, an actor or an actress? What must one have in order to appeal to mainstream audiences or to even make it in the entertainment industry? Today's television stars, artists and other entertainment professionals posses one or a combination or attributes and skills that off-screen folks, like you and others do not have. So what are those attributes and skills? Can they be learned or possibly obtained? In some cases, some of these skills can be obtained and in other cases, some folks just don't have those certain traits.

What Traits And How Can I Get Them?
In order to succeed in the entertainment industry and minimize competition one must have good looks, charisma and personality, the ability to create innovation, or the ability to create something that is currently happening in the industry better than those that are doing it. Yes folks, when you look through those magazines, flip through those channels and attend those entertainment events, these professionals you see, have one or a combination of the listed traits. So how do you know if you posses one of those eye-catching traits? 

Traits That Are Must Haves In Show Business
In order to find out whether or not you have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry, you must have completed or received one of the following:

1. perform in front of the live audience and received positive responses

2. sent out surveys of your new innovation and received awesome responses

3. you succeeded in a talent or model competition or the like

4. everyone has told you, that you have good looks and that you should be doing something about it

5. everyone says you have a great personality and are extremely funny

6. people say you have a unique look that's made for television

If you have completed or received any of the above statements, chances are you have the looks, a great idea, a winning personality or something that could potentially land you a career in the entertainment industry! 

Creating A Plan Of Attack For Success!
If you decide to proceed ahead, and depending on the professional career you choose whether it's being an actor, an actress, an entertainment business owner, a comedian, the next step is to prepare an execution plan. What this means is that you must assess the needs and costs of your career and understand the requirements of your selected career. 

Know Your Role In And Out!
So, even if you like the career without knowing the requirements you may have a rude awakening once you step into the career. Simply put, make sure you understand what your job duties will be and what you have to put in to succeed in completing the career tasks. Second, understand the time involved in doing a career such as the one you have chosen. Actors and actresses often attend countless and numerous of trainings, practice long hours, memorize long scripts, complete auditions, build reels and have a professional portfolio handy in case an opportunity presents itself. If you need an idea of what a professional video resume looks like, I suggest you take a look at Geoff Eigemann's profile.  This video resume is not just appealing but also innovative! If you are looking for a great reel, I suggest you look at Omar Mora's reel. This reel is excellent in that it shows the actor's highlights, past gigs and current works.

You Must Network And Create Exposure That Works to Your Benefit And Not Against You...
To that effect, it is also helpful to join a entertainment community online and build a professional profile on a social network to get (1) exposure and (2) to connect with others in the industry. Two sites I recommend are Twitter and Stage32. On Twitter, if used correctly, you can follow and meet professionals online who may be able to connect you to gigs and people in high places of your industry. When you are online remember that your professional network and your professional image is visible to millions of people online so, please tweet and communicate wisely. 

Do What Needs To Be Done To Get The Spotlight
If you think this is a "wait for it to happen" kind of industry then, you are in the wrong field! One thing you must understand, is that in order to get the job of your choice you must do the work to get there. So, yes you must attend auditions, do live comedy nights and perform in places you may have never thought of before actually landing that perfect opportunity. More importantly, you must remain positive and humble. No one in the industry likes a "know-it-all," or someone who insults the intelligence of the industry's most reputable leaders. You want to gain the trust of the industry pros not push them away. Lastly, if you know you have that certain something, never give up. Regardless of who you are competing with move ahead, stand high, focus and reach for your dream; you too, have a shot in this industry so make it count!



  1. great job with this post! I always think that the good part of not being a model is that not everyone is born to be one, haha that makes me feel much better, but it is true, that celebrities have something else to be where they are, as we, regular people, we do have something special to be doing what we do :) and be happy without all the recognition that they might have or need :)

  2. You are right! A veces no sólo depende en what we have, also in the way que lo mostramos y luchamos por nuestros sueños.

  3. Great post that was needed! I definitely know I have what it takes to be a comedic personality and best selling author. Number 5 happens to me all the time! Now, I just have to follow the next steps. I need to take classes and get my photos together. Also want to work on a complete reel for television. This just reminded me of all I have left to do so I can put myself out there and ACT. Thanks for this!

  4. Very detailed. I love it. Kinda makes me want to go back to singing!

  5. What about the X factor? The je ne sais quoi?