Thursday, February 23, 2012

Film Review: Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright

Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright (2010) is a dramatic event that reminds us of the consequences of committing crimes and the repercussions of getting involved with crime bosses. The film's all star cast includes Aidan Quinn, Andy Garcia, Mario Van Peebles, Danny Pino, Jordan Belfi, Claudia Ferri, Luke Goss, Gina Gershon and Bokeem Woodbine. If you are not a drama film enthusiast, watching this film may leave you unsatisfied. On the other hand, those of you that enjoy looking in-briefly-at the lives impacted by a single person or simply are a fan of drama features, this film may be a good fit for you.

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 Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright (2010) is a tale about a Los Angeles billionaire and financial genius named Charlie (Aidan Quinn) who goes into self-imposed exile in Tijuana with over a billion dollars shortly after his empire is uncovered by the FBI. Haunted by his past, Charlie quickly learns that not only is he pursed by an FBI agent but also by a crime boss and thugs sent by one of his notorious clients. While in Tijuana, roaming the streets like a lost, marked soul troubled by his failures, he spends long nights searching for a woman he left 25 years ago. At a local bar, he is introduced to Mary (Claudia Ferri) who reveals to him that the woman he speaks of is no longer alive and that she has a daughter. Charlie realizes that this child is his daughter and is determined to locate his daughter.  His quest for his daughter is quickly brought to a halt when, Jorge Garza (Andy Garcia) Tijuana's most viscous crime boss, orders his brother Gabriel (Danny Pino) and his men to kidnap Charlie, to settle his debt. While Charlie is in Gabriel's capture, they are ambushed by a hit man named Damon (Luke Goss) hired by one of Charlie's former clients seeking to retrieve their money. Charlie escapes and connects with Mary who has new information about his daughter's whereabouts. After he learns his daughter is no longer in Tijuana, he contacts the FBI to turn himself in. The quest for his capture continues until the very end while the audience plays a guessing game of who will be the first to capture Charlie.

Aidan Quin stands out as a hopeless Charlie who sees nothing but despair and damage caused by his actions and greed. Aidan proves to be a phenomenal actor in that he is able to display despair, lack of hope and evoke emotion which bring the character to life. Veterans like Andy Garcia, Gena Gershon and Mario Van Peebles add some anomalies to the story. Garza's relationship to his wife and brother appear as endearing as well as very personal. The FBI agent's hunger to capture Charlie fluctuates throughout the film; his actions and observations sometimes felt out of place and were puzzling.

The flow of the film is not as fluid as the film's trailer. The one style of music used throughout the film to transition from one scene to the next was not as smooth as it could've been. The narration in the beginning and the scene of the empty chair by the ocean was detached and detracted from the film.

The film has an interesting take of one man's actions, his road to perdition and the damage he has caused many lives. Though not as entertaining as Catch Me If You Can or Ocean's Eleven who take a more comical and provocative stance to white collar crimes and fraud, the movie does give a realistic account of what happens to people when they commit crimes. If you want to see a drama with a semi realistic outcome check out this film.

Rated R

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