Sunday, February 6, 2011

About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Itzel L. Yagual and I have created this blog to share my knowledge and resources with other entertainment industry enthusiasts. I am an emerging Image Consultant and aspiring Executive Producer.  

Feed Your Entertainment is a blog dedicated to providing entry-level entertainment professionals and entertainment minded individuals effective ways on how to navigate the entertainment world, how to cope with the ups and downs of the industry as well as how to launch an effective start-up. The blog covers topics such as the importance of social media, blogging, image maintenance (physical & internal) reputation management, networking, writing effective business plans, celebrity analysis/cases, handling interviews and much more.

I am passionate about Latino urban music culture, music industry and television production. My aspirations are to establish an entertainment business and to become an executive producer for television. One of my goals is to create better opportunities for Latino american artists within the music industry. Currently there are a few artists that have had the opportunity of impacting the American music world. My future endeavors will allow Latino American artists to be discovered as well as establish a presence in the music industry. Aside from pop and hip hop, there are many other genres in Latino music, where artists are having a difficult time in making lucrative connections. I am developing a plan that will minimize the gap and ensure a path of success for many artists.

I obtained a Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University located in Winter Park, Florida. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington.

At the age of nine my family and I traveled from my native country the Republic of Panama to the United States. I love to travel and have visited Florida, New York, California, Texas and Oklahoma.

On my spare time, I enjoy working out, learning about marketing strategies, social media, branding, keeping myself informed in the latest music industry news, television and film industry news, growing my professional network and cooking. Currently, I reside with my family and puppy in North Hollywood, CA.

To contact Itzel Yagual please send your queries, concerns and replies via one of the following sources:

Twitter:  ILYQuintero


  1. Bonito blog , ¡enhorabuena!

    ¿Puedo hacer una pequeña críticia?
    Este es el objetivo ,entre otras cosas, de este blog:
    "In this blog I will share my knowledge and resources on the movement of the latino pop/urban music culture ....."

    ¿Por qué no has escrito algo en Castellano?

    A no ser que tu target sea público anglosajón u otro,es decir,fomentar la música latina entre público no latino, en cuyo caso me callo.

    Si nosotros no fomentamos nuestro bello idioma en la red, ¿quién lo hará? ;aparte de que 40 millones de castellano-hablantes que hay en tu país (y 800 millones por el mundo) te lo agradecerán.

    Puse un anuncio para publicitar tu blog en mi web , no esperes mucho,según mi experiencia sólo el 0,6 % de los visitantes a una web interactúan ; pero...un largo camino se inicia con un pequeño paso.

    Por cierto,¿te gusta esto?
    Es Antonio Vega (ya fallecido ,seguro que lo recuerdas porque es el autor de "La chica de Ayer") cantando un poema del gran poeta andaluz Antonio Gala.
    Para mi esto es música española pero no es latina.
    Mùsica de cada país es una cosa y música latina es otra.
    Y ahora viene la gran pregunta , ¿qué es música latina? porque la que hace Alejandro Sanz no tiee nada que ver lo la que hace Marc Anthony o Juan Luis Guerra o Juanes ....excuso decir ya ,Carlos Mejía Godoy y los de Palacagüina.

    Mira ,este es el portal más importante de España (y que más visitas tiene desde Latino-América ) y ese es el apartado de música latina:
    Ya verás que surtididto está,ni ellos mismos se aclaran...creo que calfican como mùsica latina todo lo que esté escrito es castellano...y yo creo que eso no es.
    Besos y suerte

  2. I love all flavors of Latin music and look forward to your posts. Wishing you much success!