Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review of music coverage and the annual Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards

Sources suggest that is one of the most informative, creative and artistic websites catering to the world of music. Music enthusiasts and others can find the latest in music news from all music genres, find articles, watch videos, learn about billboard the magazine, learn about upcoming events, read reviews, artist gossip and find which artists are topping the charts. The website is often referenced in blogs and other sites for its music lists and videos.


The website is not only professional, but also covers current music content as well as a variety of topics in American music genres and Latin music genres.  From pop music, rhythm and blues, hip hop, electronica and dance, and radio songs users have a variety of music to choose from.

In addition to the coverage of music genres users can also learn about current trends, song and album rankings and sales from topics such as, top 100, billboard 200 and the social. In the social tab, users can learn about artist rankings in popular networking social sites and view past archives. In billboard 200, viewers can find out the week's top-selling albums across all genres and under the top 100 tab users can also be informed on the week’s top songs across all genres. gives users an in-depth-look at artists, music genres, songs and album rankings and allows users to connect with other followers and voice their thoughts on music.  

Users can also connect with other users who favor the website by joining discussions, playing chart games, following billboard on social media sites and by also creating a profile on
Users can follow Billboard on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other popular social networking sites. For those that want to connect with other music enthusiasts, users can create a user profile and share their views and comments when they join


Despite the web site's resourcefulness, there were several drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that the Latin music content cannot be viewable in Spanish. Users, who want to view the information in Spanish language, will not have that luxury and those learning the English language, may not capture the entire message or picture in the Latin music sections. The other downside is that there is little content on music such as reggae and fusion. 

Overall Review

All in all, the music website is very useful and informative in that it allows users to learn about popular American music genres, Latin music genres, and top artists, top songs, top albums across a variety of music genres and exclusive events.

The Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards

Speaking of events, one of Billboard's exclusive events is the Annual Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. The event is set to take place on April 26th through April 28th in 2011 at the Eden Roc Renaissance in Miami Beach, Florida. 

Every year the most influential and recognized individuals in Latin music and entertainment industry, gather to recognize leaders in the industry, talk issues in the industry and to celebrate what is most appealing about the industry. Sources suggest that the anticipated event will be "bigger and better" in 2011. Some of the expected prestigious attendees are said to be, top artists, highly renowned record label executives, digital music executives, leading marketers and producers, national radio programmers and the list goes on. 

This year, the exclusive event will have, a marketing day, cover newly enhanced radio programming, and give tickets to Billboard en Concierto and to the Billboard Bash. Marketing day will not only cover the latest buzz in marketing, but also give recognition and awards to the best campaigns, collaborations, and cover creative visions from past year. In addition to that, the leaders in radio will reveal case studies in programming, share opportunities to network and an invitation to the cocktail bash with the leaders in radio programming. The attendees will also receive tickets to see the Billboard Latin music finalists, in a concert series that will be held in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Dallas.

Here is a short clip of the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards of 2010.

Learn more about this year's Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards by viewing the link below.

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