Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy Yankee: Connecting To Fans While Marketing His Brand

Marketing his music through social networks, IPhone application and website have not only been successful strategies for Daddy Yankee but have also played to the advantage of his fans. Increasing numbers of followers on Twitter and Facebook accounts has made it possible for fans to connect with Daddy Yankee on many levels. As promised to fans, the reggaeton superstar, Daddy Yankee, will have a live stream fan chat on Wednesday March 23rd, 2011.

Sources say that this came about, after the star's Twitter account and Facebook page reached several milestones. Just twenty-four hours after Daddy Yankee's Facebook fan page reached over 6 million fans, on March 15, 2011, Daddy Yankee's Twitter account (@DYNATION) achieved more than one million followers.  Sources say that fans from all over the world made this happen simply by pressing the "follow me" button on his twitter page.

Fans can also expect another treat from the artist as early as October 2011. Fans will get an up close experience with Daddy Yankee aka "The Big Boss" and the El Cartel records family via a weekend sail on a cruise ship with destination to the Bahamas. Sources confirm that Daddy Yankee will host the cruise ship event on the Carnival Imagination cruise and sail from Miami, Florida, Friday, October 28th through Monday, October 31st, 2011.

Media reports that the cruise package will include a live performance, a VIP section for questions and answers, a VIP party with contests, a meet and greet segment with Daddy Yankee and El Cartel Records family and much more. Sources say that the cruise trip is a fan inspired event and a clear message that the star never forgets his fans.

Aside from his social network accounts, fans can also find information about the star and connect with Daddy Yankee through his official website and through his personalized IPhone application. According to sources, Daddy Yankee’s website, generates over two million visitors monthly. The website, gives fans access to archives, videos, the artist’s video blogs, e-commerce shops, and tour dates and other news.

Daddy Yankee’s IPhone application, allows fans to access the star’s latest posts, social network pages, videos, exclusive photos and find the latest news on his website.

Daddy Yankee is one of the many stars that has proven that social networks, websites and phone applications are not only excellent marketing tools for businesses and brands. Daddy Yankee’s marketing strategies in the virtual world and IPhone application have not only been successful but have also motivated fans to connect with the star in many forms, which in the end plays in favor of his fans.




  1. I would love to be invited on such an awesome cruise! ... Daddy Yankee definitely knows how to work the social media thing. Celebrities of all types (actors, musicians, etc.) would be smart to follow his lead!

  2. Yes, he does, I would love to interview him one day..