Friday, March 4, 2011

Christina Aguilera: is there an alcohol problem or are media sources exaggerating?

Media sources have been diligent in reporting and highlighting Christina's not so positive incidents within the past few months. Falling on stage, arguing with her mother while intoxicated, showing up drunk at an uninvited party, mixing and forgetting words and getting arrested, are some of the incidents that are causing many not only to raise an eyebrow but are also leading many to believe that the star is dealing with substance abuse. In addition to that, fans and others are now questioning whether or not the singer turned actress is capable of fulfilling her duties as a parent. Celebrities are also adding their two cents. Stars are not only exchanging words about Christina's incidents but some have also posted negative comments about the star on popular social networks. Are the incidents coincidental or is there enough evidence to suggest that the star is having issues with alcohol? Is the media simply fueling the fire by reporting on incidents that have involved alcohol use or that have been rumored to involve alcohol?

Sources claim that not only have friends come forward with concerns about her drinking but are also urging the star turned actress to enter a rehab program. Recently, it was learned that, ex-husband Jordan Bratman had raised concerns about the star's drinking during their child custody agreement. Is it not coincidental that the ex-husband came out to report her so-called drinking issues at the height of its speculation? If the star does have a drinking problem, should media sources and others have the right to make public conclusions about Christina's role as a parent?

Video of the star's
 arrest released
 by Associated Press.

The latest incident occurred on March 1st at 2:45 am, when the singer and her boyfriend were arrested. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesperson, the singer "was not capable of taking care of herself" and her boyfriend was presumed to be driving while under the influence. On March 2nd at 7am, Christina was released from the West Hollywood police station and driven home by a police officer. Christina was released after paying a $250 bail, while her 25-year-old boyfriend Matt Ruttler, was released after paying a $30,000 bail. Sources say that, though Steve Whitmore, from the LA Sheriff's police department, reported that the star's mug shot would not be revealed to the public, E News got a copy of the mug shot and posted the mug shot their website. Why was there no further information on why she was not capable of caring for herself? Did something happen to Christina before the arrest that led her to use alcohol, that is if she consumed any alcohol?

According to, shortly after the incident became public, Pink, said to be one of the star's rivals tweeted "Out of myself, Britney and Christina- didn't everyone think that I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!" The comment was shocking and many believe that it was posted to stir up controversy.

Media sources say that Christina has had multiple incidents involving alcohol prior to the arrest. Media sources reveal that another troublesome moment for the star, occurred when Christina was forced to apologize for her mishap during her National Anthem performance at the Super Bowl on February 6th, 2011. Many believe that stars get nervous and  have stage fright quite often. Is it possible that she was nervous and forgot her lines?

At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Christina's incident was truly an embarrassing moment. Sources say that while taking part in the Aretha Franklin tribute at the Grammy Awards on February 13th, 2011, Christina tripped and fell to the ground. Though falling and tripping may be some of the unfortunate things that can happen to a person while under the influence of alcohol, how is this incident an example of her alcohol use? Did they use a breathalyzer to see if she was using alcohol that evening? Is it possible that perhaps, the star was simply exhausted and simply fell?

Before that, on January 8th, 2011, reporters say the star showed up uninvited to Jeremy Renner's party. Sources also confirmed that Christina arrived to the party already drunk and that she fell asleep in Jeremy Renner's bed. Again, there is no information on what happened before she fell asleep on Renner's bed or her well-being.

On New year's eve 2010, sources say that Christina got into a heated argument with her mother and that she was intoxicated. Sources add that her mother told her to lay down and sober up before the guests arrive. Here, the reporters fail to report as to why she was arguing with her mother. There was also little information as to why Christina used alcohol that evening.

America US Weekly reported that a source says that Christina's drinking is out of control and that she's in a terrible fix. Fans and bloggers believe that the star has been under the microscope for some time and that the media is simply trying to tear her image apart. Some reporters are even suggesting that the star is no longer capable of her parenting duties.The incidents do support that there are issues in Christina's life but sources have yet to confirm whether the issues are a result of alcohol use. There are many unanswered questions and gaps to fill so it is highly recommended that fans and others make  informed decisions when concluding about Christina's behavior.

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  1. It sounds like she has enough to deal with without the public making judgments about her parenting abilities. I understand that she's a celebrity, and when you're famous, you sort of open yourself up to public opinion, but some things just seem like they're better left alone. They're human just like the rest of us, and what we say about them has the power to hurt them and cause more pain to themselves and their families.

    I like the way you handled this story.

  2. I think we should not judge a person just becaase of that. Instead, why don't we help them recover and stop their bad habits?alcohol retailing